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New Mobile EAS Coalition Weighs in with FCC

The newly formed Mobile EAS Coalition filed comments with the FCC calling for a broader approach to emergency alerts that utilizes Mobile-DTV capability.

Mobile EAS Presented at APTS Public Media Summit
M-EAS, co-developed by PBS and field tested at three public television stations, will further expand the long-time role of public television in reaching citizens in emergency situations.

M-EAS at Emergency Preparedness and Hazmat Response Conference
M-EAS participated in the emergency preparedness conference in Baltimore, informing and educating first responders and emergency response teams on the potential communications capabilities using M-EAS and Mobile DTV technology.

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M-EAS Blog Contribution
In June 2014, John Lawson contributed a piece to the M-EAS blog. “Mobile and Advanced Emergency Alerting On Tap for Next-Generation TV Broadcast System” examines the potential that ATSC 3.0 offers in the future of advanced alerting.

Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS)
In partnership with LG/Zenith, PBS and Harris Broadcast, we are pioneering a next-gen mobile alert system that can warn millions of Americans when other technologies fail. We have worked to secure federal support and begun building-out a national, dual-use broadcasting network.

American Archive
We assisted CPB in their efforts to establish a permanent home for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The Archive will preserve and digitize 60 years of national and local media content and seeks to make it accessible to the public.

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